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We want you to concentrate on what you do best – your business. We will handle the rest. Website development is not really a common man task. That is why there are so many misconceptions regarding web development. So we just put it in the most simple and easy way. 

Depending on the purpose of your website, there are only three types of websites. The first type of website is for sharing information. This information can be about any person (Portfolio Website), about your company and their products and/or services, or just sharing specific knowledge (Blog Website). The second type of website is for selling some products or services that are an online store. The third type of website is a mixed type, the combination of both the first and second type, so it will share information, knowledge and also sells the products or services.

Now, what type one should choose? That depends on the individual perspective. There are various factors that one should consider including industry, the purpose of the website, business type, competitors, etc.   

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FAQ's Related To Web Development Service

Web developers use coding to program a fully customized website considering the website functionality that works perfectly for viewers. This includes various steps- markup, writing, network security, and coding which are client and server side. There are some popular web programming languages that are mostly used. Example HTML, XML, JavaScript, PHP,  Python etc.

From the developer’s point of view, there are two types of websites. One is a fully customized website with unique coding. Another one is customized CMS websites (with a little less use of coding). 

With so many web development services, choosing the perfect one for you is not difficult. Simply, decide the purpose and budget, and the timeline for your project. Talk to our experts, they will guide you for the rest. 

Yes,  clear and good documentation is crucial to get the desired result for your project. Formulate your initial high level idea and brainstorm it until you have a clear vision. Next, turn your idea into detailed functional requirements for the backend programming and detail your technical requirements (platform, devices, etc.) Also add non-functional requirements e.g. performance, security, load and clearly specify the scope of the project.

Still no need to worry, our expert will ask if anything is missed by you.

Yes, on Firtswebversion, we have developers who can start working on an urgent basis. But due to our pre scheduled commitment, we can not deliver websites less than 5 days after taking the project. Only in case of emergencies like urgent bug fixing, cyber security emergency, or a server load issue, we work on an immediate basis and that is too within 3 to 4 hours. 

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